Customized Medication or Compounding       

Customized Medication

Compounding is the art of taking raw chemicals and making them into forms and strengths specific to a patient's needs. Pharmacies used to make most of their medication this way. With the institution of big drug companies, compounding became burdensome to some. At Zale's, we pride ourselves in keeping the art alive. We feel that there is still a place in modern medicine for compounding. Our staff is highly qualified in compounding, attending seminars and keeping current on new information. We also specialize in Bioidentical Hormones.

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Compounding allows us to help meet your exact needs. Medications can be flavored or changed into liquid or other dosage forms. We have many 'home remedies' available without a prescription; i.e. poison ivy, cough, cold and sinus. We can even make medication for your pet!

Compounding is a relationship between patient, pharmacy and doctor. Let us help you customize your medication to fit your needs.

Bioidentical Hormones

Women exploring the possibility of natural hormone replacement therapy find themselves in the midst of "The Great Menopause Debate".

To use or not to use? Why choose "natural" over the well-known manufactured name brands widely prescribed for years? Are there differences between the various types of "natural" preparations? How much? - of which hormone? - for how long? increase the confusion.

The key to answering these and all your health questions is working with knowledgeable professional you know and trust. Ask questions. Know your options. Then allow the professionals at Zale Drugs to work with your physician to design the program that matches your specific needs and goals.

Why Bioidentical Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)?

For those women who require hormones for the menopausal symptoms or other identified risk factors we have good news! NATURAL is in! However, when referring to hormones, a better choice of terms is BIOIDENTICAL.

Bioidentical hormones are modified in the laboratory to have a chemical makeup that is exactly the same as hormones produced by the body. Unlike synthetic substitutes, plant-derived "natural" hormones have few side-effects. Prescriptions may be tailored to the individual needs of each woman. Gone is the "magic bullet" approach of some synthetic hormones. Let the compounding specialists at Zale Drugs provide the dosage form that best meets your special needs.

The goal is to restore the hormones that were originally there with a biologically identical product. Our bodies have enzymes and receptors that recognize the structures that are meant to be there. We are not trying to cover up symptoms with a drug. The bioidentical hormone also needs to be in balance. We have saliva tests available to help us achieve these goals.

Estrogen is one word for three different, separate estrogens: Estriol, Estradiol and Estrone can be combined in different ratios for different symptoms. Micronized progesterone and testosterone are also very important pieces of the puzzle. They are available as creams, capsules, sublingually and as suppositories.

Bioidentical Hormones "Natural Benefits"

Individuality is the vital element in a hormone replacement program. Addressing individual responses and requirements with a program customized by your physician and pharmacist, you can begin to take control of hormonal chaos and find relief of menopausal symptoms.

      • Feel good
      • Balance moods
      • Think clearly
      • Sleep well
      • Stop hot flashes and night sweats
      • Regain a healthy sex drive

Replenishing and balancing hormones is the primary way to repair past damage, alleviate the present symptoms and begin to redirect your body to a healthier mode.

      • Balanced hormones
      • Proper diet and exercise
      • Healthy lifestyle